Weather Policies


Thunder and Lightning: If a member of the executive committee or an employee sees lightning or hears thunder at their current field, activities will immediately stop until there are 30 minutes without a sign of lightning or thunder.

Rain: In most cases Chaleur soccer does not cancel its activities for rain. Although in the case of heavy rain during the day, before the schedule activities, sessions may be cancelled to preserve field conditions.

Heat: Please be advised that the heat policy takes into account the HUMIDEX readings according to Environment Canada

Up to 30 degrees – Normal play

30 to 37 degrees – Mandatory water breaks (up to 5min) every 20 minutes

37 to 40 degrees – No games played; no intense physical exertion; mandatory water breaks (up to 5min) every 20 minutes; I hour total practice time

40 + degrees – Suspend all play and practices

The decision of whether or not a child participates in a practice/game during extreme heat/humidity is at the discretions od the parent/guardian


Snowstorms: In a case of a snowstorm Chaleur soccer activities will be cancelled when schools are also cancelled the same day.

In any case, players and parents will be informed of cancellations thru the Chaleur soccer Facebook page .