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Volunteer Tasks

Mini-program Coach: At the start of every season we are always looking for parents to help with the mini-program. No soccer knowledge is necessary! The students will take care of the technical aspect of the game. We need our parent coaches to help keep the kids in a calm and learning friendly environment and also make line substitutions during games. Parents who have knowledge of the sport and are willing to help teach the kids with the employees are also welcome.

Elite program Coach: Our elite program or competitive soccer programs are always in need of parents to either be a coach or assistant coach. Parents with limited knowledge of the sport can always start as an assistant to help learn the sport. Coaching courses can also be arranged for parents willing to learn. It is important to know that anyone who would like to coach a AAA team must have a minimum of a C license.

Special events: Every season Chaleur soccer holds a few fundraiser events and tournaments that greatly rely on the number of volunteers. Help is needed for various tasks during these days.

Member of the executive commitee: The Chaleur soccer committee is made entirely out of volunteers that are willing to give up some of their time on a weekly basis for a 1 year-term. If you are interested in joining the committee please contact us for information about vacant positions or when the next general assembly will be held.

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