Asked Questions

I am having problems registering online?

Answer: If you are having problems with the online registrations please check out this online guide Document

What does my child need to play?

Answer: Every soccer player must be wearing shin pads with socks covering the entirety of the shin pads. Shin pads must not be worn over the socks because of the risk of the pads cutting another player. A closed pair of shoes is also needed to participate (soccer cleats are recommended). For the mini-program during a practice a player is free to wear what he would like but during any game it is recommended wearing the same colour of shirt as his team. No jewelry is permitted on the field.

What type of program does Chaleur Soccer offer?

Answer: Chaleur Soccer offers different programs for kids and adults alike. Soccer Chaleur offers a mini programs that are for kids aged 3 to 10. The mini-program is assisted by employees who have experience with the sport and who enjoy teaching what they know. From 11 to 18 competitive soccer programs are offered varying on the number of registrations and interest there are in that particular group. Lastly, anyone above the age of 18 is eligible for the senior program.

I don't know anything about Soccer can I still help out?

Answer: Yes, of course! Parents with children playing the mini-program can learn to coach side by side with the students and help keep the children in a learning-friendly atmosphere. A minimum of one coach is also needed per team in the mini-program to help make line changes and direct the team during games as employees will be acting as referees. We are also always looking for extra hands for our events. For more information take a look at our volunteer’s page.

Do I need to stay at the practice or game?

Answer: Yes, parents with Children under a legal age must remain at the field during the practice or game. Another parent or guardian can be made responsible for the child.

When do the season’s start?

Answer: Seasons start dates are only determined a few months before the start of the season. The executive committee will announce the exact times and dates on this website and their Facebook page. The summer season usually starts in June for the mini-program. Summer tryouts for competitive teams are in April while the winter season starts in November.